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Scaleforum 2018

Scaleforum 2018 was held at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium, in Aylesbury, on September 22nd and 23rd.

A special feature of Scaleforum this year is making things and the work of those new to working to P4 standards. We have the aim of demonstrating that anyone can have success at working to P4 standards with a little bit of time and application.

The layouts

Scaleforum has many facets but the layouts are what many visitors like to see and we have an extensive line up of layouts, some of which are new to the exhibition circuit. Some of the layouts will be complete, whilst others are still very much under construction.

Brunswick Yard by Pete Degnan is a fictitious location somewhere in the Midlands around 2010 to the current day depicting a wagon repair depot a small maintenance depot. The layout at the moment is still a work in progress project and when fully built will have a 3ft fiddle yard on each end. The stock being assembled for the layout roster will consist mainly of DRS, GBRF and Network Rail examples.

Burnham on Sea. A model of the station of that name ex Somerset and Dorset railway set in c1959. A very early layout built to P4 standards begun by the erstwhile Avon and Somerset Area Group of the Scalefour Society and now updated and close to completion by members of the original group and some others.

Flintfield. The much admired GER branch line terminus built by Vincent de Bode returns to Scaleforum. Pre grouping Great eastern in all its glory

Kerrinhead by Gavin Clark. Fictitious ex Lancashire and Yorkshire branch line set in the mid 1920s and located in the hills between Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Lower Rose Goods by Steve Howe. A rural GWR goods depot at the end of a remote minerals branch in Cornwall c 1930.

Tredethy Wharf by Ian Johnson. A layout fairly new to the exhibition circuit based on a fictitious wharf siding on the Wenfordbridge branch in Cornwall. The layout was inspired by pictures of a Beattie well tank at work and features more modern traction as well.

Special Guest Layout

We are very pleased to welcome Leighton Buzzard as built by the late Peter Denny as built in 1947 to EM standards. Still running with the original locos and stock, the layout represents one of the first forays into “fine scale” modeling and is as good today as it was 70 years ago, a fine tribute to one of the pioneers of realistic railway modeling.


In addition, more layouts are featured as part of the following demonstrations listed below. This year we are featuring the construction of layouts to show the processes involved behind the completed layouts.

Beginners at Work – a demonstration with a difference

In order to show that those who are new to working to P4 standards can have success we have a demonstration with a difference planned for this year which is based around Chris Gough’s layout Cadhey Sidings. Described on the Scalefour Society’s web Forum bay Chris under his “Finally made a Start in P4” thread the layout was first shown under construction at Scaleforum 2015 and is now substantially complete and is an excellent example of what a raw beginner can achieve in about three years with a lot of effort and a little help from friends.

Supporting the demonstration will be members of the “Starters” group tutored by Allan Goodwillie and again described on the Forum. Present will be those new to modeling in P4 who have built working loco chassis and successfully built track. Allan will be on hand and will be available to share his techniques which he has so ably described in his posts. Those who are new to model making, or who are not sure where to start will be able to get inspiration and encouragement from this demonstration.

Area Group demonstration

This year we are delighted to welcome members of the Bristol Area Group who have offered to put on a large demonstration which features almost all the members of the group at work and which will include a further five layouts in various stages of construction.

Paul Townsend will be showing his layout Dartmouth as it was in the GWR broad gauge under construction which features some mixed gauge track. Another broad gauge enthusiast is Ashley Phillips who will be showing aspects of his layout also under construction.

Well know light railway builder Robin Gay will have his layout Wantage on display. Now close to completion, and with trains in operation, the layout is based on the well known Wantage Tramway. In addition, Peter Tarver will be present with his layout Ilkley under construction. A further example of progress towards a layout will be shown by Paul Bannerman who favours the rarely modelled Highland Railway. In addition Paul Hutfield will be showing progress towards his model of Radstock.

Other demonstrations as part of the display will include Gordon Ashton demonstrating Templot, Richard Lane with an example of the Group’s GOYA project (you will have to ask him what that stands for) and also including layout lighting and Mark Humphreys who will be covering a range of modelling techniques.

Further inspiration for model making will come from Noel Anderson who will be covering train operation, Nigel Newling who will be showing his methods of coach construction with an emphasis on GWR coaches and Martin Goodall who will be showing the coupling that he has developed for his Burford layout.

Finally, as part of the Area Group display we are delighted to welcome Gordon & Maggie Gravett who will be showing the scenic techniques they have developed for Pempoul and more recently for Arun Quay.

In addition to the above, Howard Bolton will be demonstrating his recently developed lever frame kit with associated locking frame and will be pleased to explain the complexities of fully interlocked frames.

Also present will be not one test track but two. The popular large continuous run test track from the Deveon Area Group will allow visitors to give their latest loco a good run. In addition the Nottingham Area Group will be showing their test track, a far more modest affair but something which has some fiendish point work and sharp curves which will test if your latest creation will actually stay on the track.


Scaleforum probably has the best trade section for the fine scale and scratch builder of any exhibition in the South East covering everything from electrical components to the finest scenic details and everything in between. Names of the traders due to be present are listed below.