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A selection of the Scalefour Stores range of items available for anyone, as part of the Society's aim to further finescale modelling in general.

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Wheel Specifications for the Modeller

Front cover of Wheel Specifications for the Modeller Wheel Specifications for the Modeller, Mike Sharman

Mike Sharman’s beautifully engineered locomotives and rolling stock, performing impeccably on trackworks of intriguing complexity, have inspired modellers for decades. Similarly his books have taught them valuable practical techniques. The ‘Wheels’ book filled a particular gap, in that Mike had painstakingly researched and compiled an extensive range of fundamental basic information in a handy and relevant form. It saved a lot of people a lot of work, and it has been too long out of print. Mike is a past-President of the Scalefour Society, so it is fitting that a member of this Society worked to digitalise the material, so that a new edition can now be offered. It has benefited from examination by specialists of the various railway Line Societies, and minor amendments incorporated. Whilst the shape of the book is slightly changed, the familiar tables and text are essentially unaltered and remain a tribute to Mike, a tribute which the Scalefour Society is delighted to have facilitated.

Members may purchase at a £2 discount, exclusively in the Members Stores.

WHEEL1Wheel Specifications for the Modeller (Book)£10.00

A Modeller's Guide to Civil Engineering Structures

Front cover of Civil Engineering CD A Modeller's Guide to Civil Engineering Structures, John A Smith

Written by a retired civil engineer, this e-book addresses the basics of the structures that are encountered on British railways and through diagrams and photographs illustrates the design considerations and construction of cuttings and embankments, bridges, viaducts and tunnels, as well as other associated items. Bonus files are included that feature both prototype and model photographs by the well-known modellers Richard Chown and Mark Tatlow. Together, this gives an invaluable work of reference that will enable readers to understand and build more authentic models of the environment around the trains and track.

As a first for the Society, it has been produced as an e-book on a CD that is compatible with both Windows and Apple systems. It is simple to use and allows access to a wide range of exceptionally useful information for the modeller working in any scale, gauge or period.

CEM0A Modeller's Guide to Civil Engineering Structures, by John A Smith (CD)7.00

St Merryn

Front cover St Merryn Book This book describes the planning and realisation of the South London Area Group's exhibition layout - St Merryn.

Many of the ideas and techniques contained here will be applicable to any type of layout in any scale.

Most of the text has been newly written for this book. Likewise, most of the photographs and drawings are new.

SMB3St Merryn, What we did and why we did it, by South London Area Group (Book)10.00

Due to the weight of this item, e-shop orders which contain it are charged a per order P&P rate of £7.25 to destinations outside Europe.

Alex Jackson Coupling Range

Front cover AJ Book We are pleased to offer a comprehensive guide to the development, production, installation and use of the Alex Jackson coupling.

This book is packed with photos and diagrams, offering a readable and straightforward account of dealing with manufacture, fitting, and operating the AJ coupling in an easy reading style. As well as describing the history of the AJ coupling, the book is very practically based, taking the modeller through the steps of forming the coupling hook, mounting it on various types of vehicle, and operating it.

Written to help with aspects that have previously been regarded as part of the black arts of railway modelling - a frequently asked questions chapter gives useful troubleshooting advice, and a separate section shows the use of the jigs now available for forming and mounting couplings.

AJB0Alex Jackson the Man and the Coupling, by Dave Booth (Book)6.00

AJ Jigs

AJ hook bending jig Alex Jackson coupling hook bending jig designed by Graham Turner.
The jig has been designed to enable the user to produce Alex Jackson couplings with consistent accuracy.

Instructions from Palatine Models for AJ coupling hook bending jig


AJ 180 hook bending jig Alex Jackson 180° bending jig designed to enable the user to make a perfect 180° first bend which will allow the completion of an accurately formed Alex Jackson coupling.

Instructions from Palatine Models for AJ 180° bending jig


AJ pivot bending jig Alex Jackson pivot bending jig.
This jig has been designed to enable the user to produce a right angled bend in the correct plane to the coupling head to enable a pivoted Alex Jackson coupling to be made.

Instructions from Palatine Models for AJ pivot bending jig


Pivot plates Pivot plates with mounting blocks.
Pivot Plates and Mounting Blocks have been designed for the easy installation of a hinged version of the Alex Jackson coupling.

Instructions from Palatine Models for pivot plates


Pivot plates without mounting blocks Pivot plates without blocks.


Buffer height gauge Buffer and coupling height gauge.


AJ mounting jig AJ mounting jig
AJ mounting jig.
(Refer to Scalefour News No. 147)


Morgan Design

Wagon underframes and detailing parts

Instructions for underframes and solebars (PDF). Updated April 2014.

WN44009' sprung underframe with DC1 & DC1 cross-cornered brakes7.10
WN44109' sprung underframe DC2 fitted/non-fitted and 013 China Clay8.20
WN44209' sprung underframe with DC3 non-fitted brakes and central vee fitted8.20
WN44309' sprung underframe with DC3 vacuum fitted brakes (Vee offset by 4" )8.20
WN4435Mink A to V4 Clasp brakes9.60
WN44409' sprung underframe 16' long body 9' lever with 1930 mod8.00
WN44509' sprung underframe 16' long body with Morton non-fitted and vacuum fitted with ratchet handle guides8.20
WN44559' sprung underframe 17'6" long body with Morton non-fitted and vacuum fitted with ratchet handle guides8.50
WN446010' sprung underframe 17' 6" long body with Morton non-fitted and vacuum fitted with ratchet handle guides8.80
WN447011' sprung underframe for W1/W5 Cattle DC2 & DC3 non-fitted or vacuum fitted plus earlier lever handle with pin/ratchet lever guides10.00
WN4472W1/5 Clasp brake10.20
WN4473Roof support etch and profile to lower the roof line on a W1/W5 Cooper Craft Kit. Includes new strapping which will be cut away when the roof profile is lowered. Also replaces the top rail that often gets broken3.80
WN4474Support for W82.30
WN4475W8 Cattle9.00
WN448012' sprung underframe for Mink B/C with DC2 & DC3 non-fitted and vacuum fitted brakes9.60
WN4482Mink C clasp brake10.40
WN449020' Mink D11.80
WN449418' sprung underframe for Mink D V9 with DC2 & DC3 non-fitted and vacuum fitted brakes11.80
WN449718' Mink D V1111.80
WN4500Mink G V2212.50
WN4510Fruit D11.80
WN4520Open C to O810.00
WN4530MICA X5/7 DC3 sprung underframe8.00
WN4540MICA X8 Morton8.60
WN4550Loco Coal to N279.40
WN456020T AA13 Toad sprung underframe9.10
WN4570AA3/16 Toad8.60
WN4580P19 Python15.30
WN4590S8 Bloater18.80
WN4600DC1 GWR wagon underframe solebar2.60
WN4610DC2 Solebar3.70
WN4620Skeleton DC GWR wagon underframe solebar2.60
WN4630DC3 GWR wagon underframe solebar & 52 numberplates6.50
WN4640Lever GWR wagon underframe solebar
Out of stock
WN46509' Morton GWR wagon underframe solebar3.60
WN46559' Morton for 17' GWR wagon underframe solebar3.90
WN466010' Morton GWR Wagon Underframe Solebar3.30
WN4670W1/5 GWR wagon underframe solebar3.00
WN4675W8 Solebars2.90
WN4680Mink C GWR wagon underframe solebar2.80
WN4690Mink D 20' Solebar3.70
WN4694Mink D 18' GWR wagon underframe solebar3.20
WN4697Mink D to V11 Solebar3.70
WN4720Open C Solebar3.10
WN4850Assorted brake levers, etched brass1.00

Turnout and signal operating units (TOUs)

Instructions for Turnout and signal operating units (ZIP). Updated June 2014.

DN143OUTOU for Loose Heeled switches, etched brass7.00
DN145OUTOU for B & C switches, etched brass7.00
DN1470TOU for Half of Double Slip, etched brass9.00
DN1480TOU for Single Slip, etched brass10.00
DN6001Adjustable Lever for Compound switch TOUs, etched brass6.40
DN6010Right Angle Lever for TOU system, etched brass4.00
DN6020Straight Lever for TOU system, etched brass3.50
DN6030Long Lever for TOU system, etched brass4.00
DN6036Omega Loop Support for TOU system, etched brass3.60
DN6036Omega Loop Support for TOU system, etched brass3.60
DN6040AConnectors For Compound switches (TOU system), etched brass0.50
DN6050Supports for 1.2mm dia tube (TOU system), etched brass5.00
DN6070Signal Lever (TOU system), etched brass7.00
DN8060Signal Base (2), etched brass3.50

Craig Welsh

Wagon Components

Underframe instructions (PDF) (CW01).

Levers instructions (PDF) (CW02, CW03, CW04).

CW019' wheelbase wooden solebar sprung subframe, for 2 wagons14.00
CW029' wheelbase wagon brake levers, for 2 wagons4.00
CW0310' wheelbase Morton clutch wagon brake levers, for 2 wagons4.00
CW0410' wheelbase Morton clutch wagon brakes and levers (for use with other w-irons), for 2 wagons7.00

Wagon Construction Jigs

Wagon baseplate Wagon baseplate, to assist fitting W-irons.
Up to 12ft wheelbase - Palatine Models.


Wagon baseplate Wagon baseplate, to assist fitting W-irons.
Up to 26ft wheelbase - Palatine Models.


Miscellaneous Items

The four christmas cards

Scalefour Society Christmas Cards (Proceeds to the Railway Children)

Each pack contains 4 cards and 4 envelopes. There are four designs, and each pack contains one of each design. The cards measure 210x148mm, and are blank inside. The logo of the Scalefour Society and the Railway Children appears on the back. All proceeds go to Railway Children, our charity of choice.

Photographed and Edited by Allan Goodwillie.

CARD1Scalefour Society Christmas Cards, pack of 4 (Proceeds to Railway Children)2.50

Lever frame

Lever frame.
Etch for 5 lever frame. Frame takes standard microswitches (not supplied) or can be connected by a mechanical linkage. 5 of LFH required to complete. Download the instructions (PDF)


Turned steel handles.
These handles, seen on four of the levers in the photo, set off the frame nicely. 5 required to complete.


Microswitches suitable for lever frame.
These single pole microswitches are the correct size and type to fit the lever frame. 5 per pack.


Dave Bradwell Springing components Scalefour Society Locomotive Springing Units.
Sprung hornblocks for 1/8" axles, designed by Dave Bradwell, set of 6.

Out of stock

Metal strips 0.25mm Metal Strip
4 x 1mm
4 x 1.5mm
5 x 2 mm
2 x 3mm
2 x 4mm
(inc etch border)


LMS Ground Signal Etch LMS Ground Signal, 1941 (etched nickel silver)


Raildroppers Rail droppers. For connecting wiring to the rails.
Fret of 50 - Palatine Models. Download the instructions (PDF)


Miniature nuts and bolts

13008BA Cheesehead nuts & bolts (1/2 inch), pack of 20 of each3.50
130110BA Cheesehead nuts & bolts, pack of 20 of each3.25
130312BA Cheesehead nuts & bolts, pack of 20 of each3.60
130414BA Cheesehead nuts & bolts, pack of 20 of each4.00
130516BA Cheesehead nuts & bolts, pack of 20 of each5.00