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We provide recommended forms for including URLs from this site in print. They may also be useful in other places where readers are expected to type the URL they see into a browser before accessing it.

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Site URL
Print recommendation
Short URL
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Using this tool

Locate the page you want to find a print recommendation for. Use cut and paste to copy the URL from your own browser's address bar to the 'Lookup URL' box. Only society website addresses are supported.

Note that this system will check to see if the URL has moved (good for checking urls printed some time ago). In this case the 'looked up' entry and 'site URL' will differ.

In general, the tool will remove the preceeding http:// and remove a trailing / if that will not result in any ambiguity. It also removes elements of the URL (eg in our forum) which are transient. Note that 'www' is only present if needed.

Short URLs

Where it is available, a shortened form of the full URL is displayed. The shortened form is created from a set of characters that lacks those commonly mistaken for each other, such as l and 1.

Short urls refer only to pages on the site

Which form to use in a given document is a matter entirely up to the document's author.