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Scaleforum 2009 Guide Welcome to this retrospective of Scaleforum 2009, which was held at Leatherhead Leisure Centre on 26th & 27th September. This was the last event organized by the current team, to whom we express our grateful thanks for their energy and hard work over the past 10 years, and particularly for this show which has been organized amidst extensive building work at the leisure centre.

There were 13 top class layouts, 12 demonstrators covering a range of skills and techniques, and 43 traders who had virtually anything you could need for your hobby.

The Scaleforum Guide has a full description of the layouts, details of demonstrators and traders and articles.

Download the guide

Richard Brighton made a short video (8 1/2 mins)of Scaleforum which can be seen on You Tube.

View the video

My thanks to the photographers who sent in their pictures so they may be shared with you. These are: Rod Cameron, Danny Cockling, David Dornom, Philip Hall, Anthony Hubbard, Chris Mitchell, Nick T Smith, Andy Westcott & Barry Wilson.

Photographers among you can contribute photographs by contacting me:

Send pictures either by email (max 1Mb per email, please) or on a CD (I can supply the address). If you can reduce the photos to about 200kb each, that would be helpful, but don't worry if you cannot, I can.

I hope you will enjoy this retrospective.

David Brandreth