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Dorchester Junction depicts the connection of the GWR and LSWR south of Dorchester - the two companies had separate stations in the town - and a section of the main line towards Weymouth. This line was opened in 1857, and the year represented by the layout is 1867. At that time the GWR was broad gauge and the LSWR was standard gauge with the track from the junction to Weymouth being mixed gauge: this was not converted to standard gauge until 1874. Signalling at the time was by disc and crossbar signals using time interval working. Of interest on the layout is the fact that the double junction has no moving parts. The standard gauge usually shares the outside rail but side steps are used to simplify the track layout through mixed gauge pointwork.

The baulk road track work was built in-situ using bridge rail supplied by the Broad Gauge Society. The broad gauge stock is a mix of scratchbuilt and kit-built items. The LSWR carriages are kits produced by the South Western Circle, with standard gauge wagons either from kits or scratchbuilt. All wheels are to P4 standards, and the locomotives have compensated scratchbuilt chassis, most using Portescap motors. Some locos have working inside motion. Liveries are as near to the prototype as present knowledge permits.

The layout is now 25 years old and when acquired by the present owner had been in store for several years. Since then the scenery has been re-worked, much of the track has been replaced and it has been completely re-wired.

Presented by Sam Bee