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Scaleforum 2011



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Maindee East returns to the exhibition circuit after suffering damage during transit. The layout depicts a busy engine shed in the Newport area of South Wales round about 1961. The well-loved steam engines are gradually being replaced by the modern diesels, giving the enthusiast plenty of variety in motive power. The shed itself draws much inspiration from Radyr, just north of Cardiff, and is representative of the typical "Loans-Act" sheds, built with government aid during the 1930s, and several examples still exist including, of
course, Didcot.

An integrated smoke-system is incorporated into the layout. This is being constantly developed to provide realistic smoke effects and utilises a theatrical smoke-machine vaporising a mixture of water and glycerine. Rolling stock comes from a variety of sources, ranging from simple proprietary conversions to fully scratchbuilt examples. The two cranes always attract much attention . . . the large Ransome and Rapier 36-ton crane was built from a GA Models kit, whilst the small Taylor and Hubbard ash-crane was scratchbuilt, mainly from plastic card. Most of the loco classes associated with the area are represented, along with various visiting types. Traffic in and out of the shed includes such things as coal, ash, Enparts, sand and the breakdown train. Alex Jackson couplings are used to facilitate shunting, and whilst the layout isn't run to a timetable, a sequence of the larger shunts is followed . . . when we remember!

Presented by Steffan Lewis.

All images:
David Brandreth