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Fish Dock Road was inspired by Grimsby docks in the 1950s, when fish was still a major part of the port’s trade. The layout represents the quay where the trawlers unloaded their catches, which were then sold and transferred to rail and road transport for distribution to the rest of the country.

The fish quay canopy and supporting ironwork are made from Wills sheets and Plastruct. The two larger trawlers are Lindberg and Revell kits. The backscene consists of a series of overlapping photographs taken of Grimsby docks, stitched together on the computer and then printed as a continuous sheet. Layout lighting is by various types of low voltage LEDs. The figures on the quay are mainly from the Aidan Campbell range and are carrying out the various tasks associated with sorting, auctioning and loading the fish. The ever present seagulls perch on the roof waiting for the next free meal. Locos and rolling stock are typical of the area and period.

The layout is in fact a shunting puzzle layout, worked on the card shuffle system. Each merchant is allocated a part of the quay and fish vans have to be placed in the correct position for loading. The vans are rarely in the correct order or position, so have to be sorted by the dock shunter; a job that is complicated by short sidings and headshunts as well as inconsiderate parking of lorries.

Presented by Gordon Luck.

All images:
David Brandreth