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Evenstow is perhaps the classic Great Western branch line terminus and represents a fictitious harbour and seaside resort in North Devon beyond Barnstable, set in the late 1920s to mid-1930s.

Baseboards are constructed from plywood with the ground contours built up from expanded polystyrene blocks covered with dishcloth material and coated with Artex plaster. Track is hand-built using plywood sleepers, steel rail and chairs from C&L and Exactoscale and is laid on 3mm thick cork. Signals and points are operated by Hoffman motors, with dummy point rodding, using MSE components. Facing point locks are scratchbuilt. Buildings are mainly scratchbuilt from styrene sheet augmented with kits where these are available.

Locos and coaches are a mixture of kit built and ready-to-run items, modified where required and with additional details added. Alex Jackson couplings are used throughout. The sequence of operations represents a typical weekday.

Presented by Paul Iliff and Ian Harrison.

All images:
David Brandreth