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Presented by The Mendip Model Railway Group

It’s the turn of the 19th century and the heyday of the Edwardian railways, but not all railways are thriving. Not far from the bottom edge of the Sussex Weald lies the Dicker Tramway, a small independent light railway connecting the brickfields of Dicker with the market town of Owlsham. An intermediate station serving the village of Horselunges forms the subject of the scene depicted here. Times are hard for the Dicker Tramway, as evidenced by the overgrown track and the varied hand-me-down stock.

All the buildings on the layout are made entirely from cardboard, such as used for soap powder packets, (no expense spared) and painted with water colours. The buildings are modelled on prototypes all of which can be found within one mile of the East Sussex village of Hellingly.

The layout's curious name comes from the same locality, being that of a nearby manor house.