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Scalefour South West 2011


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Draycott Park Colliery might have been found at the southern end of the relatively small, but highly productive North Staffordshire
coalfield in the 1950s.

The track plan is based on a partial and distorted version of the layout at Foxfield Colliery in the Cheadle area. The structures, though not based on actual prototypes, are intended to be typical of collieries in the early years of the N.C.B. The choice of period will allow the use of a variety of locomotives found at the collieries in the North Staffordshire area. Currently, motive power is estricted to appropriately modified RTR. Typically, only one locomotive may be operational at any particular time.

Short trains of mixed wooden and steel-bodied minerals are the norm, because like many collieries in the area there is uncompromisingly steep access route to and from the exchange sidings with the ex-NSR mainline (off-stage). Draycott Park Colliery was an entrant in the 1883 Layout Challenge scheduled for Scaleforum in 2005. A variety of circumstances prevented its appearance at the show. Though visually complete, it remains a work-in-progress.

Presented by Tony Barnes.