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Scalefour South West 2011


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The real Crockherbtown was a district of Cardiff, renamed Queen Street in the 19th Century in honour of Queen Victoria. The Taff Vale Railway built the station in 1840. By 1887, the TVR had demolished it, moving the station and track formation a little further away from Cardiff Docks and a little closer to the centre of the city, at the same time renaming it Cardiff Queen Street. Other major rebuilding programmes took place in 1907 and again in 1973. It remains in use to this day, busy with commuters.

But that’s where reality and my Crockherbtown part company, my use of the name is just an excuse to allow me the fiction of an urban
Welsh location. Set in that period most favoured by those who can’t make up their mind, the steam/diesel transition era, it was originally built in ‘00’ gauge as a shunting plank for the then new Bachmann 08. It has since been converted to 18.83mm gauge, and I hope you like it.

Presented by Rob Foot.