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Scalefour North 2012

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© All photos are copyright and may not be reproduced without permission.  Photos by David Brandreth unless otherwise attributed.

My railway represents Rolvenden on the K.E.S.R. in the 1920s. The trackplan, station and buildings are a faithful reproduction of the actual site at this time. The scenic breaks of the tunnel and the woods use some artistic licence, though the tunnel is an accurate model of a tunnel that did exist a few miles away. I have done my best to make it unmistakably Kent. Hence I have made a windmill, a hop garden and an oast house to capture the flavour.

Trains run from a cassette/storage box at one end through to a two road automatic turntable at the other end. Around 60% of the trains run as mixed, putting off and shunting at Rolvenden yard. It was not unknown for them to shunt the yard, complete with carriage and passengers still on board. Rolvenden was the engineering HQ of the line; it also has a carriage shed, loco shed and workshop. I am still working on the loco shed and Oast house, so I hope they will be ready for the show.

The layout and stock are all my own work, and Rolvenden has been quite a few years in the making, but it is still not finished . . . I have quite a bit more stock to build, and I hope to find the courage and the skill to paint a proper backscene one day soon.

Presented by Robin Gay                                                                                                 More images can be seen here