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Scalefour North 2011

Around the Show

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Photos by Philip Hall.

Royston Vasey is a junction somewhere in the Yorkshire Pennines, between a minor branch built by the LNWR, which has local trains for local people, and a tramway of obscure function. A local shop and a derelict canal basin, made redundant after the construction of the tramway, complete the scene.  In my model BR is struggling to provide a train service after overnight snow in the hard winter of 1958/9. Any resemblance to the Parsley Hay branch is no accident.

A brief diversion from my main Bradford North Western project, it borrows rolling stock and some buildings from that layout, a sector plate from
Humber Dock and cassettes from both. The diorama design philosophy owes much to Iain Rice and its plan is a further reduction of Chapelfirth in
his Wild Swan book on layout design. It is a decidedly low-tech affair: a sector plate (moved by a length of string) allows trains to return to the
fiddle yard via a hidden line, so the layout can be operated single-handedly from one end. Track is cobbled together from left-overs but any
deficiencies are hidden by a mixture of Polyfilla and Woodland Scenics “snow”. It was conceived to meet Workington MRC’s 2009 challenge to build a model railway with a footprint of less than five square feet. Since at the time I could not drive, it was made to fold up into a small box which can be carried to exhibitions by public transport.

My thanks to Danny Cockling for providing the image.