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Scalefour North 2011

Around the Show

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Photos by Philip Hall.
The Basingstoke and Newbury Railway was built in 1875 to connect the LSWR and GWR, and Heath End Station lay just over half way between the two towns". Well, that's the fiction to justify our layout, which operates in BR days in ‘50s and early '60s, providing a reason to run shortish trains of WR and SR origins. However, watch out for our trademark Gricers' "Brakevan Special", which can justify any motive power we like!

Though fictional, the station is of prototypical length for its size, and with an outer radius of 49", most stock will run without problem. Track is a mix of C&L and Exactoscale bases, the points designed on Templot®, were built from ply-and-rivet on visible sections, and PCB in the fiddle yard. This, we think, is a unique solution for a circular layout, having the cassettes accessed on the inside via tight curves and a very short, curved diamond crossing!

The principal railway buildings are a mix of Homby (station building), Ratio (signal box), and scratchbuilt (cottages and station master's house), given a 'corporate' feel by using Metcalfe stone paper on all of these as well as on platform walls. The (working) crossing uses Wills gates and brass tubing below the baseboard. Bridges are scratch-built, the main railway one using the same stone paper with computer-generated brickwork , as is the coal merchant's lockup: the coal siding was originally longer, serving an industry beyond the bridge, hence the two portals. The other was inspired by the brickworks at Claughton in Lancashire, which has aerial ropeways bringing clay buckets over the road.