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Scalefour North 2011

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Photos by Philip Hall.
A small, West Riding woollen town, Dewsbury specialised in the heavy woollen, Shoddy and Mungo trades. This potential business attracted four railway companies, the L&NWR, L&YR, GNR and Midland, in that order. The GNR station we have modelled was principally passenger with only two goods sidings. The main GNR goods depot in the town was at the south end of the tunnel under the Leeds and Wakefield road. A junction at the south of the tunnel routed trains up to Ossett and Wakefield GN or to Thornhill L&YR. At the north end, Batley Carr tunnel took the line under the L&NWR line, towards Leeds and Bradford. The layout is to scale, emerging from Leeds Road tunnel, running either side of the island platform, over
Crackenedge Lane and exiting into Batley Carr tunnel. The booking office is at street level, under the platforms. This part of the railway has been incorporated into the Dewsbury ring road. A slight curve at the Batley end is the only compromise from the prototype. The Bradford to Wakefield passenger service finished in 1965, the line closing shortly afterwards.

Those buildings still standing have been measured up on site, including visits to the Station Hotel. The station buildings, long demolished, have been drawn up from railway two-chain plans and photographs. The buildings are made from PlastiKard with embossed stonework sheets: Dewsbury is, predominantly, a town built of stone.

Our chosen period is 1912. Great Northern stock predominates, with Lancashire & Yorkshire running powers exercised for Barnsley – Leeds and Leeds circular trains. Rolling stock is a mixture with more modern vehicles.