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Scalefour North 2011

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Photos by Philip Hall.

“Burnt Island”, the port situated on the north shore of the firth of the River Forth; in the Kingdom of Fife. In fact, Burntisland played a key role in transport history, for it was here that the world’s first roll on/roll off ferries entered service. The ingenuity of Thomas Bouch was responsible for the moving bridge connecting ship to shore. Prior to the building of the Forth Bridge, these train ferries, and the associated passenger ships, formed part of the link between Edinburgh and the east coast of Scotland. We have tried to represent all this.

we present the original section (built for the Scalefour Society 1883 Challenge) but with the significant additions of the Train Ferry, with its pioneering cradle, the historic Forth Hotel and Stables, and the West Dock with working hoist (Burntisland pioneered hydraulic hoists too, at least in
Scotland). The passenger pier has been carefully reproduced, along with many buildings, such as the fever hospital and powerhouse. This is a dockland site, so the walls are a quay(!) feature, as are the variety of ships, and quite a lot of water.

The historical period: well, 1883, what else? The first Tay Bridge had fallen four years before our period, but No. 224 has been recovered, and – for evermore known as The Diver – she can be seen on the layout. This period has meant considerable research into local history, train operation and signalling of the period, and of course pretty well scratchbuilding everything, and devising some new means of making things move.

There are more images of Burntisland on the retrospective for Scaleforum 2009.