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Scalefour Southwest 25 at Railwells 40

Parking update: Saturday £3, Sunday Free. On Saturday follow signs for Car Boot Sale or Railwells. On Sunday, the signs will be for Railwells.

Railwells is organised by the Wells Railway Fraternity.


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Sat Aug 12th: 10.30am to 5.30pm
Sun Aug 13th: 10.00am to 4.30pm

Wells Town Hall,
Market Place,

Admission Adults £6.00
Unaccompanied children, & wheel chair bound £4.00
Accompanied Children Age 14 and under Free

For parking look for the Railwells Parking signs to direct you to the field (not available if very wet): £3 Saturday, Free Sunday.

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Railwells started as a one day show in 1978, and has grown into a very special show in the model railway calendar. Always on the second weekend of August and always in Wells Town Hall, this we believe to be a record. Many shows have been running longer but have changed date or venue. This year is also the 25th time Scalefour Southwest has been held, always as part of Railwells.

To make this event special, a selection of exhibits that celebrate the past, as well as those that show of the excellent modelling of today, have been put together. Most of the exhibitors who attended the first show are no longer around. The Somerset & Dorset Railway Trust and the Great Western Society, who were at the first exhibition are both attending.

Maurice Shaw, a long time chairman of the Wells Railway Fraternity, was involved in the first five shows. He was a finescale Gauge1 modeller, and in the 1930’s chairman of The Model Railway Club. It is therefore fitting that the Gauge1 layout St Petroc and The Model Railway Club’s layout Happisburgh Goods are attending.

Colin Binnie was a demonstrator of 16mm garden railways at Railwells for over 30 years. For those of you who remember him you will understand why the Emett inspired layout ‘Scratchy Bottom Halt’ has been invited. Colin modelled many eccentric model railway items solving problems as he went. Has anyone else made a 6 coupled loco that ran, with every wheel a different size?

Iain Rice has exhibited at Railwells many times over the years, with layouts and as a demonstrator, he is attending this year with his Cornish china clay layout Trerice

Doug Richards has attended Railwells numerous times in the past with his 3mm layouts, and attends this year with his latest offering. The layouts this year span nearly 100 years from an early Seaton, through the 1959/60 Sidmouth to the two modern image layouts. There are no layouts available from the first show, but the H0e Maraizellerbahn layout of Pat Challis, at 38 years old is from this period, and has attended Railwells twice before.

Angus Watkins Will be showing how to build waterline ships for use on model railways. Quite a few years ago Dave and Shirley Rowe demonstrated at Railwells ship modelling for the layout Exebridge Quay.

Look out for the display of Railwells Past in the corridor to the Indictment room, to see something of the past 39 years. This year’s exhibition is the second of three anniversary shows. Last year was the 50th anniversary of the closure of the Somerset & Dorset Railway, and next year is the 50th anniversary of the Wells Railway Fraternity, organisers of Railwells.


Richard Harper
BR Sothern Region prototype terminus set in the summer of 1959/60
Simon Harris
The original station before it was extended for holiday makers
Iain Rice
Depicts Cornish china clay pan dries c1960
Longcarse West
Simon Bendall
Sidings set at Alloa central Scotland in 1983
Waterloo St
James Dickie
Inspired by the Waterloo goods branch in Aberdeen
St Petroc
John Green and Tony Massey
A compact terminus set in Cornwall in the 1940’s
Scratchy Bottom Halt
Mike Walshaw
Rowland Emett inspired layout
Happisburgh Goods
The Model Railway Club
BR ex-Great Eastern goods yard set in the 1950’s early 1960’s
Hebble Vale
Karl Crowther
A cameo set in Halifax, mills, coal drops and a goods shed
Mill Lane TMD
Phil Smith
Another new micro layout from Phil, this time a 1980’s diesel depot
Pat Challis
Built 38 years ago by husband Chris and 2 friends, as Pat liked the H0e small and quaint locos and stock
Doug Richards
Doug has exhibited a number of layouts in past years at Railwells, this is his latest
50 x 50 Shades of Grey
Nick Salzman
50cm x 50cm scene in atmospheric shades of grey
St Ruth
Midlands Group, 2mm Scale Association
Based on Penzance Cornwall, running the September 1965 timetable
Vale of Oxbury
Carl Woodwards
A busy Western Region junction set in the 1960’s



Modelling in EM
Andrew Ullyott
How to solder
Roger Sawyer
Track construction & working in S7
The Scale 7 group
Modelling the Broad Gauge
Ashley Phillips
2mm Association Roadshow
Paula Martin
Kit and scratch built wagons & Modelling in Scalefour
John Chambers, assisted by
Saturday Gavin Clark
Sunday Dave Barrett
Modelling in Plastikard
Geoff Kent
Modelling Gauge1
Simon Castins
Modelling in 3mm
Andrew Shillito
Etch loco construction
Chris Bastin
Upgrading 4mm scale RTR models
Gerry Beale

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