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Scalefour Southwest at Railwells

Scalefour Southwest is organised as part of the Railwells show by the Wells Railway Fraternity. Railwells is a very special show in the railway modelling calendar, especially because the Wells Railway Fraternity is not a model railway club. The Fraternity is a railway meeting organisation (programme on the Railwells web site) and the exhibition is always put on to promote railway modelling. Railwells therefore attracts the railway modelling enthusiast, who make up the vast majority of the visiting public. Those contemplating being a railway modeller or are new to the hobby are particularly welcome.

Cancelled: 2021

Why Railwells inc. Scalefour Southwest 2021 will not go ahead

Last November I started to put together details for this year's show. As the year progressed I realised that the country would be going through a 3rd wave of Coved 19. On top of this the inoculation for all of us would not be completed, at this time, till mid October. This meant that there was not enough time to organise Railwells this year, as full details of the event needs to be sent off to the model railway magazines before the end of April. I have already started planning Railwells 2022. Although there is no crystal ball that will tell me the future, it seems reasonable to presume a show next year is feasible. Therefore please make a note of the date, Saturday and Sunday August 13th and 14th 2022, so as a railway modeller you do not miss a really good event. Chris Challis Railwells Organiser.