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London Road (1 of 11)

Presented by Jol Wilkinson

London Road was originally built in the 1980s as a four-road suburban terminus, representing the LNWR in the Edwardian period. It was one of the earlier P4 layouts to appear regularly at many of the major exhibitions.

It has now been converted into a through station by removing the original platform and station building baseboard and replacing with two new baseboards and extra fiddleyard. These provide through platform lines, carriage sidings and a headshunt to an off-stage loco shed. This will hopefully provide more operating interest and enable us to run through goods trains to add variety. The layout is now thirty-four feet long with a twenty-two feet scenic section, be- tween 18” and 24” deep.

The layout is set in 1907 in the Edwardian era, which enables us to run later Webb locomotive as well as the new Whale engines and the earlier elliptical roof carriages. Although the LNWR was the largest of the pre-Group railways, there are no RTR locos or stock available, so everything that moves (apart from the operators) is kit or scratchbuilt. Many of the locos and carriages are built from London Road Models kits, which came into being to provide models for the layout and has developed into one of the leading producers of etched 4mm kits