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Harton Gill (1 of 15)

Presented by Carshalton and Sutton MRC

Although everything on the layout should be prototypical for the southern Tyneside area in our chosen time period of the late 1960s, nonetheless Harton Gill is a fictional location. This seems to be the best way to do a model railway: every detail looking as though it belongs, but no need to try and copy a real place. Thus in the foreground there is an overhead-electrified private line connecting the colliery to some imaginary staithes off to the left, just like the real-life Harton Electric Railway. At the back of the layout, there is a British Railways North Eastern Region branch to a cement works, with engines and traffic appropriate to such a place. In the middle is a short passenger line terminating at a halt, with a DMU shuttle service, recently electrified with third-rail, to allow different trains to be run. Wherever possible the buildings, such as the signal box and the footbridge, and the signals, follow ex-NER prototypes.