Above: Uncoupling a wagon at the correct spot. © information. May not be reproduced without permission.

Enigma Engineering (1 of 4)

Presented by Paul Gittins

Enigma Engineering demonstrates that you don’t need to have oodles of space and a complicated track plan to create a fulfilling P4 layout. Based on a hypothetical industrial branch somewhere in Middle England (or Wales or Scotland if you prefer) Enigma Engineering offers visitors – and potential first-time P4 layout builders – the opportunity of discovering that ‘Small can be Beautiful’ and that ‘Shunting with a Purpose’ can be an entertaining and absorbing way of passing time.

The simple card system employed in determining the destinations of wagons gives the operator a reason for making movements rather than pushing them aimlessly around as so often happens. Siding lengths and their resultant wagon capacities are deliberately limited so the ability to ‘think ahead’ is an advantage. Cheating is not an option!