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Alex Jackson - The Man and the Coupling

Front cover AJ BookAlex Jackson - The Man and the Coupling, Dave Booth

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive guide to the development, production, installation and use of the Alex Jackson coupling.

This book is packed with photos and diagrams, offering a readable and straightforward account of dealing with manufacture, fitting, and operating the AJ coupling in an easy reading style. As well as describing the history of the AJ coupling, the book is very practically based, taking the modeller through the steps of forming the coupling hook, mounting it on various types of vehicle, and operating it.

Written to help with aspects that have previously been regarded as part of the black arts of railway modelling - a frequently asked questions chapter gives useful troubleshooting advice, and a separate section shows the use of the jigs now available for forming and mounting couplings.

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AJB0Alex Jackson the Man and the Coupling, by Dave Booth (Book)£6.00