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Membership Renewal 2021

Society membership was due for renewal on 1st March 2021 and this year the baseline subscription and the postal supplements will all continue unchanged again for 2021/22. Adjustments have been made to the optional concessionary rate, and the criterion for eligibility for seniors is now aligned with the UK pension age. Members have until 1st June to complete their renewal.

If you have any questions, want to check if your renewal has been received or want to discuss your renewal then please email the Membership Secretary at

The renewal process is still open. You can renew:

Online Renewal

Members may renew online below. Follow the 'Renew now' link next to the rate that will apply to your renewed membership to start the process. There will be a final confirmation step once your payment details are taken.

Data Protection Act 2018

The Society’s Committee shall act as Data Controller in respect of the personal data of its members. By renewing your membership you agree that your personal data will be held on computer and may be used for any or all of the following purposes:

  • Mailing lists for distributing, or recording the distribution of, publications, articles and information to members. This will include sending your name, address and membership number to our printers to enable mailing of publications.
  • The production and publication of a Membership List(s) to members of the Society for use only within the Society.
  • Disclosures to computer operator(s) and/or service(s) when required to repair/maintain equipment and/or programmes.
  • The retention of records of financial transactions between members and the Society for such period (currently six years) as may be required by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs or other regulatory agencies of the UK.

Consent: A member may consent to have certain details included on the Membership List – see (b) above. If you wish to amend any of your current consents, please contact the Membership Secretary.

I hereby apply to renew my membership of the Scalefour Society and I agree to abide by the Rules of the Society as laid down in the Constitution.

I consent to my personal data, as given above, being held and used by the Society for purposes as stated in the Data Protection Act 2018 section above. My agreement is signified by clicking on the 'renew now' link and completing the requested details.

Right of Cancellation: You have a legal right to cancel this application, and receive a full refund, within fourteen days. Please contact the Membership Secretary if you wish to do so.

Membership Category Annual subscription Location Postal supplement Total subscription
(* see Note below)
Select category
Member £26.00 UK (inc. BFPO) - £26.00 Renew now
    Rest of Europe (inc. ROI) £5.00 £31.00 Renew now
    Rest of the world / Outside Europe £7.00 £33.00 Renew now
Member (Optional Concessionary rate) £24.00 UK (inc. BFPO) - £24.00 Renew now
    Rest of Europe (inc. ROI) £5.00 £29.00 Renew now
    Rest of the world / Outside Europe £7.00 £31.00 Renew now

The concessionary rate is available to those under 18 or over 66 on 1st March 2021. If it is not on file, you may be asked for your date of birth to confirm eligibility.

Renewal by Mail

Members who wish to renew by mail can print out the form below, and return it to the Membership Secretary (details on the form) by 1st June. Payment can be made by a cheque drawn against a UK bank, by providing debit card details or credit card details.

A copy of this form was included with Scalefour News 221, if you were due to renew and did not pay by direct debit.

Note: Renewals by Debit or Credit Card. Our recommendation for renewing using a Debit or Credit card is to use the secure online renewal facility above.

To assist members who still wish to renew by post using a Debit or Credit card, and have a valid email address, we recommend not to enter your 3 digit security code from the back of your card on the form that you post. You must provide a valid email address and we will then email you to confirm receipt of your renewal form and ask you to then provide your 3 digit security code by email to enable the transaction to be completed.

If you are unsure if you already pay by direct debit, or have other questions please contact the membership secretary.