Scalefour Society
Application For Membership

For Society use only: NUMBER:____

The Committee reserves the right to decline any application.

(Date of birth is required for subscription rate validation).

Data Protection Act 1998
It is a condition of membership that the Society may act as a Data Controller in respect of the personal data of its members. The provisions of the Act which relate to an Unincorporated Members Club apply. The personal data of each member may be used for all or any of the following purposes:

  • Mailing lists for distributing, or recording the distribution of, publications, articles and information to members.
  • The production and publication of a Membership List to members of the Society for use only within the Society.
  • Disclosures to computer operator(s) and/or service(s) when required to repair/maintain equipment and/or programs.

Right to Non-Disclosure. A member may elect to have certain details excluded from the list published to members - see b. above - If so, please indicate which items you wish to remain private by ticking the relevant box(es) below:

Exclude from list:

I hereby apply for membership of the Scalefour Society and I agree, if elected, to abide by the Rules of the Society as laid down in the Constitution. I consent to my personal data, as given above, being held and used by the Society for purposes authorised by the Data Protection Act 1998. My signature also authorises the charge to my Credit/Debit Card where specified.

Signature______________________________Date (dd/mm/yyyy)

I enclose payment of as my first subscription:

I enclose a cheque made payable to The Scalefour Society for the sum above.

Please note: cheques must be in pound sterling (£/GBP) and drawn on a UK Bank account.

Please debit my card with the sum above:

(exactly as shown on card)

If you are a UK bank account holder, and would like to renew by direct debit in future years, please download, complete and enclose the Direct Debit authority (PDF).

When completed, please mail to:
Mr S Carter,
Membership Secretary,
Main Street,
TN31 6RG,
United Kingdom.

Form revised 31/7/16.