Kitehouses - David Hawkins and Tony Sullivan

"Kitehouses" - Based (very) loosely on Seahouses, the terminus of the North Sunderland Light Railway, Kitehouses represents an independent light railway whose operation was taken over by BR around 1949. It ran from an as yet undetermined station on the east coast main line to the small east cost town of Kitehouses.

The line staggered on for many years, just about making into the early diesel era although by this time passenger traffic was very sparse with freight traffic just about justifying the line's continuing existence. The line finally faded away in the early sixties, saving Dr Beeching the trouble of having to close it.

Our aim is to build this layout as an essay in illustrating how easy it is, now in 2007 to build a starter S4 layout from available "ready to run" and kit items. With your blessing we intend to write a series of articles for BRM to follow the progress of this project. To this end we intend to convert Bachmann locos and stock, use Exactoscale components for making the trackwork and converting wagons to S4. The buildings will be constructed using "off the shelf" kits from the like of Wills and Ratio. The track plan is based on Martin Brent's "Arcadia".

Model railway layout - Kitehouses

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