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P4 Timeline

Date Protofour Development & MRSG Protofour Society Scalefour Society
July 1963 "Progress in EEM gauge" published in MRN, the precursor of Protofour and first fruits of the MRSG
February 1964 Again in MRN, more "Progress in EEM"
August 1966 First article on Protofour by the MRSG published in MRN
January 1967 Start of the 13 part MRC series on Protofour by the MRSG. This series got P4 on the move.
December 1967 Studiolith supplies start P4 Newsletter No 1
March 1969 Protofour Society Inaugurated
June 1969 P4 Society News sheet No 1
June 1970 South London Area Group formed
September 1970 Initial issue of P4 Manual First issue 'Precision'
October 1973 First Annual Convention
December 1973 'Heckmondwike' layout started by NLG in response to Cyril Freezer challenge Newsletter 24
March 1974 'Prototype 1
April 1974 Ray Hammond introduced 'Scalefour'
September 1975 Protofour Society split - Scalefour Society Founded
January 1976 Newsletter No. 1
February 1976 Inaugural meeting
August 1976 'Scalefour Digest' commenced
October 1976 Scalefour Society 1st logo with Scalefour News issue 4

4 logo for the society
Nov/Dec 1976 Prototype 12 - first printed issue Scalefour News number 5 introduced the 'Digest'
October 1977 First 'Scaleforum' held at the London Poly.
February 1978 Ray Hammond introduced his even finer 'Scalefour' dimensions in Scalefour News No 11.
July - Sept 1978 P4 Society proposed merger with S4 Society, acceptable conditions could not be agreed.
October 1978 Scaleforum '78 at the Commonwealth Institute. Area groups reach 23.
April 1979 Prototype 19 - reduced because of 'Precision' (which did not happen)
May 1979 "Scaleforum North" and AGM in Bradford's Norfolk Gardens Hotel.
February 1980 21st Scalefour News, 'APT' logo introduced

APT society logo
October 1980 Scaleforum at Norfolk Gardens Hotel, Bradford.
January 1981 NLG 'Bodmin' articles start in MRC
October 1981 Scaleforum back at the Commonwealth Institute
April 1982 Studiolith quit, Trans-Europ models start
October 1982 New Scalefour logo for Scalefour News 34

Track and tunnel society logo
Sepember 1984 Scaleforum moved to City University
August 1985 First Scalefour section at Railwells
1986 Prototype 47 - last issue
September 1986 'Broadsheet' introduced to supplement Scalefour News
December 1986 S4 news to folded format from issue 54
August 1987 Protofour Society merged into Scalefour Society.
February 1988 The Broadsheet/Newsheet became Bulletin No 5.
May 1988 Scalefour North at Barnsley
April 1989 Scaleforum North at Wakefield
June 1991 21st Anniversary of the South London Area Group
August 1991 25th Anniversary of P4
25th Anniverary of P4 logo
September 1991 S4 news goes glossy from Issue 74. Scaleforum moved to Leatherhead
June 1998 internet address registered
December 1998 Current revision of P4 and S4 standards issued. Scalefour Society Digest 1.2 (Issue 2.4), "P4 Track and Wheel Standards" issued
September 2004 P4 Talk mailing list inaugurated
2005 1883 Challenge
2008 Diesel and Electric Challenge
June 2008 Scalefour Forum inaugurated
September 2013 Scaleforum moves to Stoke Mandeville Stadium, nr Aylesbury
April 2014 Scalefour North moves to Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield
February 2016
40th Anniversary logo

40th Anniversary of the Scalefour Society
August 2016 50th Anniversary of P4