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The Protofour Manual
Construction Templates and Jigs



Protofour Track Construction Templates are paper patterns designed to assist the modeller in the construction of authentic trackwork, firstly by eliminating all need for draughting and measurement, and secondly by presenting all the essential information for construction in plan form. The use of paper templates, in conjunction with Protofour track construction techniques (Section 4.1.6.), considerably speeds track construction and enables realistic and reliable trackwork to be produced by a person with no previous modelling experience.

To obtain the maximum benefit from the system the track construction templates should be used in conjunction with Protofour Track Planning Templates (Section 4.1.2.), and with the Protofour wiring system and Wiring Templates (Sections 4.1.8. & 4.1.9.). The track planning templates are lmm/1ft. scale reductions of the construction templates, printed on self-adhesive paper, and are used in the initial stages of layout planning. They may be used for accurate and realistic layout planning to any scale and gauge combination.

The template patterns cover almost the entire range of prototype trackwork and include plain line, standard turnouts, diamond crossings, single, double and outside slips, tandem and three-way turnouts, double junctions and a scissors crossover. Simple crossovers, curved turnouts, Y-turnouts and other less common formations can be produced by modifying one or more of the standard templates.

The template track formations are dimensionally correct and are scaled directly from the data used in prototype track construction. They are printed on a special paper with a high distortion resistance. The first set of templates to be produced are to 1:76.2 ratio (4mm/1ft. scale) and are drawn to Protofour standard dimensions. They are NOT suitable for BRMSB standard '00' gauge or for 'H0' standards. With care the less complex templates can be used for BRMSB/'EM' gauge construction.


Jig Construction

The construction templates may be used for planning purposes on the baseboard itself, but construction of track 'on site' is neither advisable nor necessary. The templates may be affixed by double-sided adhesive tapes to a laminate-faced blockboard or chipboard base, and the resulting jig is instantly ready for use in comfort and in conditions of adequate lighting. The procedure for track construction in jigs is given in Section 4.1.6.

The use of 'instant jig' techniques allows the modeller to commence track building at once, and be certain that he will produce accurate, reliable and correctly scaled track much more quickly than with any other system of construction. Furthermore, by cutting parts from standard templates and using them to buildup more complex formations, the modeller will find that the system is extremely adaptable with no diminution in the reliability of the trackwork.


Characteristics of Protofour Construction Templates


No responsibility can be accepted for unsatisfactory results obtained through the use of photocopies of the Protofour templates. Inevitably, distortion occurs in the photocopying process. The full range of Protofour templates and associated products is given in the Protofour Catalogue and Price List.


Adaption of Standard Templates

The construction templates may be tailored to suit special situations and some of the possible adaptations are outlined below.

(Templates have been omitted)