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Protofour Society (1969-1987)

The Protofour Society was formed in 1969 to support modellers working in the then new Protofour standard. Created earlier in the 1960's by the MRSG, the Protofour standard was one of several that improved the ability of 4mm modellers to represent their chosen prototypes accurately.

The MRSG members formed the guiding Management Committee of the Protofour Society, and together with Studiolith Ltd, acted to popularise P4 modelling, as the standard became known.

The society published the Protofour Manual (available in our historical archive), and also several regular newsletters and magazines:

A complete archive of these publications is available online to Scalefour Society members. Indexes of these publications are available to all.

The Protofour Society organised the exhibition of P4 models at annual conventions and other exhibitions.

Splitting from the Protofour Society in 1975, the Scalefour Society was formed. The two societies merged as the Scalefour Society in 1987.