The society logo over a background of trackwork. For 4mm finescale railway modelling at its very best

Model Railway Study Group (MRSG)

In the early 1960's a group of modellers formed, interested in creating more accurate scale models than the then available commercial options. Initially calling themsleves the Model Standards Study Group, they became known as the Model Railway Study Group (MRSG) as they formalised their work. Comprising: J.S. Brook Smith, D.E. Jones, M.S. Cross, W.L. Kidston, B. Morgan and Dr. B. Weller, they acted to create new, more accurate, standards to build models to.

An initial proposal was called EEM, and then the Protofour and related 'Proto' standards were developed. Formalised by the MRSG, these were promoted in a pair of articles in Model Railway News, published in August and September 1966.

A further thirteen part series in Model Railway Constructor started the following year, and became a seminal introduction to their ideas and the Protofour and other Proto standards.

The group went on to form the Protofour Society, founded in 1969.