NEEAG meeting, Thursday 14 September.

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NEEAG meeting, Thursday 14 September.

Postby Jol Wilkinson » Mon Sep 18, 2023 7:30 am

Nine members attended for a working session on the group’s projects. We were joined by Richard Duane from Wickford, another S4 Society member.

Paul, Mike, and Richard H checked/tested the point wiring on Lavenham, with some occasional assistance from me. It became apparent that the microswitches attached to the servos weren’t consistently functioning correctly , so we decided that we should go back to Richard McLachlan's original suggestion of using PCB mounted relay boards to control the connections to the Vees. This will require the purchase of the relays from eBay and a Relay Driver from Megapoints.

Keith set up the Lavenham support structure to work on one of the fiddle yard traversers.

Andy, Steve, and Dave worked on an as yet unnamed new smaller project, which has two 4ft by 2ft baseboards. They finished adding the cross bearers to the sector plate board and adjusted the Templot printout to provide a wider platform. The track plan is roughly based on the Elan concept by Iain Rice.

Peter was painting the Colchester SMEE signal boxes (whose club house we use), a task he hopes to have finished soon.


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