Progress with Slattocks Junction

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Re: Progress with Slattocks Junction

Postby JFS » Fri Dec 27, 2019 11:04 am

John Palmer wrote:... gradient post on the Werneth Incline marked 1 in 27

You are quite right John - well spotted!

Dave Holt
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Re: Progress with Slattocks Junction

Postby Dave Holt » Fri Dec 27, 2019 8:14 pm

Only travelled down it once, and never up, in all the times we used the train from Oldham (Central) to Manchester. It would have been 1957 or 8 and my mother and I were on an epic train journey to Thurso, in the winter. It was already pitch black when, after leaving Werneth, we didn't arrive at Hollinwood, as we should have! My mother was in full panic mode, no doubt imagining all the missed connections along the rest of the journey but, being in a non-corridor coach, we couldn't contact the guard and no mobile phones, of course. Equilibrium was only restored when I later recognised Newton Heath shed - but on the wrong side!
The rest of the trip was a bit of a marathon, but did eventually arrive safely at our destination. Boy was it cold and wind swept up there at that time of year.

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Re: Progress with Slattocks Junction

Postby Tony W » Sun Dec 29, 2019 10:06 pm

JFS asked
Are you sure about that Tony? Oldham (Werneth) was at the top of the 1:37 and Chadderton was at the bottom

To be honest, Howard, no, I'm not sure. Coal to this area seems to have come from the west of the country as well as the east. We know plenty of coal came round the loop from the Rochdale direction with wagons being dropped off at various locations such as Milnrow, Shaw, Royton Jct and Oldham (various sites). Some may even have travelled further afield through Clegg Street and down the OA&GB. There is evidence that, certainly in the 60's, loaded coal trains were taken up the gradient through Hollinwood to Werneth. Presumably this coal must have come from the Lancashire coalfield. With this alternative route it wouldn't have made sense for trains to use the Werneth Incline unless they were travelling to Chadderton.

The movement of goods in this area would make a fascinating study in itself but for the time being suffice it to say we still need more minerals for Slattocks!!


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