EMAG Meeting 30th January 2020

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EMAG Meeting 30th January 2020

Postby RobM » Mon Feb 03, 2020 8:28 am

Nine members attended during the day with a further two in the evening.
The following activities took place during the day:
Tony Wilkins managed to install the three Tortoise point motors under (board 2) and get them all
working the point blades successfully. They now require wiring in. Inspection of board 4, the big
board, revealed that it requires two point motors and one other needs modifying so additional work
still to do. Tony began the task of documenting the existing wiring during the evening session
beginning with modifying my schematic track wiring diagram to match what is actually there on each
baseboard. The next task was trying to relate what goes on under the baseboard to the track on top.
Some of the wiring is quite intriguing.
Richard assisted Tony in installing the point motors and clearing the point blades of ballast.
David Clarke installed a Tortoise motor onto its mount and fitted the actuation wire and handed over
to Tony for installation. He was also working on the wiring for his shed layout with advice from Tony.
Rob Milliken popped in this morning to say hello. It was such a pleasure to see him again.
Brian was working on some GCR wagons.
John was working on the layout and had a look at the 4 district isolator that David had provided for
the layout. This will split the layout into 4 logical districts and help trouble shooting in the event of a
problem with DCC.
Joel brought along Bob’s M R gods shed to work on the internal details. He brought along a chimney
he had printed for it.
Ken and others laid the foundation for the good shed. This involved removing a length of track from a
siding and cutting the profile out of the rubber track base.
Bob was doing further work on the industrial shed buildings for the layout. He then commenced on
further work for his High Level industrial shunter.
In the evening:-
Martin continued to build his L&Y bogie coaches.
Peter was soldering up a GW wagon
Nigel was continuing his platform construction from card.
Ken was working on his 0-6-0 shunter.
David Clarke & Ken Kirk
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