CRAG Meeting 21 March 2019

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CRAG Meeting 21 March 2019

Postby SteamAle » Sat Aug 10, 2019 4:49 pm

Back in Cumbria for this meeting and Glasson on the Solway coast was our destination. A bit of a squeeze getting everybody from the station to Chris's in my car, but we made it! Starting with a pub meal in the Highland Laddie (sadly now closed). Following lots of substanence including Real Ale with made our way down the road, only a very short walk, to Chris's.

I'd carried out work in previous weeks so his DCC EM layout was in working order. Earlier in the year Chris had considered going OO but having proved to him that his layout, after a forced period lying dormant due to injury and illness, still worked he had been enjoying operating it again and having a house full of enthusiasts was the icing on the cake. Operation was impressive along with the sound chips in a couple of locomotives, which drew lots of favorable comments.

Excellent refreshments were provided by Jean and with another squeeze those needing to get to Carlisle Railway station made it with time to spare before their Journey south on the glorious Settle and Carlisle line.
Kingstanton Control panel. Cover made by Megapoints
Megapoints control units for points and signal control
Chris King (seated) talking with Bob Hetherington
Amazing how so many can be engrossed by an engine moving slowly in the station confines, with full sound! David (nearest), Bob, Stuart, Ron and Chris seated.
In the foreground, on a length of OO track, is Ian's latest addition, a chipped locomotive being demonstrated by Stuart who had just completed the work.

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