P4 Wagon springing with previously coiled wire

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P4 Wagon springing with previously coiled wire

Postby Proto87Stores » Fri Apr 05, 2019 3:33 pm

Using horizontal springy wire for 4 wheel wagon springing, is not a problem even if there is an only slight "set" in the wire due to it's being supplied from a (the same) coil. The wire just needs to be left loose on its supports, so that it can freely rotate to it's equilibrium position under load, with the peak of the curvature uppermost. Lengthways sliding wire movement thru the supports can be prevented by strategic gluing of small washers or even just glue blobs on the wire.

Avoid bending end elbows or soldering the wire to prevent sliding, as that can easily change the "set" in the wire and give individually different equilibrium "peak heights, and thus adversely affect the wagon stability. Also do not try to correct the original consistent "sets" as that will only create "set" differences.

I would agree with the sentiments of building the wagon chassis to be stable on a small sheet of glass before any springing is fitted, as springing alone will not make up for chassis distortion in the first place. The usual disclaimer that the finished loaded wagon should sit at 50% of the static spring movement of course also applies.


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