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Postby raynolton » Fri Mar 01, 2019 7:43 pm

As its been a while since the last post (Hmmmm, that's ominous as an ex-Serviceman!) I thought I would post a couple of pics of my New layout which debuted at ModelRail Glasgow under the East of Scotland Group banner last weekend. Started by Mike Lauder as "Thorburns" and the subject of a popular RM Web thread, I acquired the layout a while ago as Mike felt he had gone as far as he could with it. As delivered, it was a 5:3:3 Inglenook, very much modern image industrial wasteland with little in the way of presentation. I have turned it into something more "countrified" and moved the location from the borders to West Fife - having chosen a Howard Scenics photographic backscene it cried "Lomond Hills" to me, and so it is now somewhere in the Kelty/Cowdenbeath area, representing a small vaguely defined industrial complex served by a branch from one of the many railways which served the area until the decimation of the coal industry throughout the 60's. It is now presented along the lines of Ian R's Cameo principles, although I have to say bought the book after I had decided on the principles shown here. I have built it unashamedly for fun: an antidote for 15 years of the strictures of modelling Victorian Fife with Burntisland 1883, and therefore one can pick holes in much of the operation - and why would such a small site have so many locos, or indeed any locos at all! Don't care, it's my train set!! I will be at the forthcoming Skills Day at Linlithgow next weekend, and also at Scalefour North. Bring some stock, and come and have a play......................

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Postby Allan Goodwillie » Sun Mar 03, 2019 9:27 pm

Hi Ray, :)

Good to see you have made your post OK. Photographs look fine indeed and Dave loved operating last weekend and told me that it worked perfectly. Good to see another Salefour layout out on the circuit up here. You dismantled remarkably quickly on Sunday again not like the time we take with Burntisland - totally different creatures!

I did have a chat with Mike at the show and he was pleased to see that it had come best in show, which also reflected the work he had put in on the groundwork as well as all your further development. He told me that it had re-invigorated him and that he intended building a new layout. So this is all good, looking forward to seeing many special wagons appearing in future months and I am sure you will get much pleasure out of exhibiting a layout with so much character.

Dave's been at me to get the Y9 back into operation and one or two specials and bring them down to Scalefour North if that is OK. Dave has also been on at me to have a go at the J88, which we will need for Dubbieside going to Newcastle later in the year, so I will see what can be done before Scalefour North although no guarantees. Like yourself I have been roped into producing buildings for next weekend to demo different techniques. I am sure it will be fun. :)

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