NAG Meeting 21st February 2019

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NAG Meeting 21st February 2019

Postby RobM » Sun Feb 24, 2019 8:19 am

A total of eleven members attended this all day sessions. Tony Wilkins took the notes for the
day time and Martin Nield for the evening.

Meeting notes for the day session.
A steady trickle of members came and went during the day. There seemed to be
something of a theme.
John spent some time on a building before moving onto soldering 3 link couplings.
Bob had nearly completed building a York Models Midland signal box kit and very nice it was
too. Most of his day was however spent soldering a Severn models etched kit for a
corrugated iron shed or workshop.
Nigel was adding further detail including stench pipework to his Cupar station building.
Adding to this buildings theme, Joel arrived mid afternoon and spent some time preparing
drawings for some buildings for a tramway project he was planing.
Elsewhere John Slack was assembling a further batch of locking relay circuit boards for
Howard's great lever frame construction project.
David and I concentrated on the group layout with some help from John.
A lack of ballast and some alignment issues precluded laying the crossover itself this session.
After some discussion it was decided to remove the somewhat battered green foam where
Richard's new crossover was to go, with new black foam whilst we had the opportunity.

02 21 2019 layout track building.JPG
02 21 2019 layout track building.JPG (346.73 KiB) Viewed 238 times

I concentrated on this whilst David fabricated the track panel for the engine shed road and
pit. These were fitted in place by mid-afternoon and we just hoped that the glue would dry
sufficiently before things had to be put away.
I then spent the rest of the afternoon with David and the wiring of his engine shed diorama.

Martin’s notes for the evening.
Six members attended the evening meeting:
Nigel continued working on downpipes for his Cupar station buildings;
Brian was working on P O wagon kits;
Tony was modifying some 60’ track panels for Brimsdown;
Howard was working on electric locks for his latest lever frame and​
I was painting telegraph poles.
Bevis also attended the meeting briefly.
The next meeting will be on Thursday 28 February and will be another modelling night.
Martin Nield Minutes Secretary.
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