Templot demo at Scaleforum - 3-way tandem turnouts

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Martin Wynne
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Templot demo at Scaleforum - 3-way tandem turnouts

Postby Martin Wynne » Mon Oct 01, 2018 3:51 pm

It seems that someone was asking about 3-way tandem turnouts on a Templot demo stand at Scaleforum. The demonstrator didn't mention that Templot now includes some automated functions to create tandem turnouts.

If that person is reading this, please see: http://templot.com/companion/3_way_tandem_turnouts.php

Or alternatively please join the Templot Club forum and ask on there: http://85a.co.uk/forum/

I'm sorry you didn't receive up-to-date information.

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Re: Templot demo at Scaleforum - 3-way tandem turnouts

Postby steamraiser » Mon Oct 01, 2018 4:47 pm

Hello Martin,

I believe I was using the latest version as I logged on Saturday and Sunday mornings via the internet prior to the start of each day.

As with any system different people will take different approaches to reach the same destination, or stick with an approach that they are happy with.

If any apology was due it should have come from me as the demonstrator, however I made it clear that I was not claiming to be an expert, just a satisfied user of an excellent system.
Where relevant I stated that certain routes to an end, were of my own choice.

As such I do not believe an apology is required.

Gordon A

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