Supersize me

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Supersize me

Postby nberrington » Tue May 01, 2018 9:14 pm

Been away a while - my job has me captive, but I've been lurking, and finally have decided to up the game a bit.

I've started work on the Midland Railway Centre turntable. I might do a bit on it here in the forum, as Mark S had similair troubles to me.

Anyway, along the way I discovered I was out of Plastruct. Model shops are becoming increasingly scarce around here, so I jumped on professor Google and found some Butanone at your local friendly provider of environmental nasties - namely Canadian Tire. For a cool $12 (CAD) - i.e. about GBP 6 - I bought a giant can.

Given the industrial strength and no other additives, I decided to test it out before use. The stuff is amazing! No gooey residue, no stains on the timers. I'm not sure who first thought of trying to stick plastic chairs to wooden sleepers with plastic solvents, but this works really well. I decanted some into a more suitable bottle and squirreled the rest away in the basement. I now have enough solvent to glue chairs on a scale model from Swanage to Glasgow.

I guess here in North America it's "go big, or go home!"

turntable deck.JPG

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Re: Supersize me

Postby nberrington » Tue May 01, 2018 9:32 pm

.... all with the assistance of my supersized track gauge.

(The chairs are all centered on the timbers now, in case you notice the unglued ones in odd places..)

The giant block isn't very practical - but rather the product of a goofy mind and a milling machine.

track gauge.JPG

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