'Twas the CHEAG before Christmas...

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'Twas the CHEAG before Christmas...

Postby Flymo748 » Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:31 am

...and snow lay all around.

Which goes a long way to explain why there was a select band of only four of us gathered in the new venue of the Coach & Horses in Newport (Cambs that is, not Gwent).

Award for RuftyTuftyModeller went to John McAleely who had arrived by bicycle from Cambridge. He'd done part of the journey by train, but even so it showed dedication to the P4 cause. Also making a very welcome return was Peter Tyler, on whose initiative CHEAG was created in the first place earlier this year. And rounding out the numbers was Martin Wilkinson, who had done the hard work of finding a suitable pub for us that was roughly central for all members of the group.

And a very good pub it turned out to be, with a good choice of ales, and the option of food for those of us that had journeyed directly from work. After a preliminary pint in the bar, we retired to the back room that had been reserved for us.

I had brought along a copy of the new St Merryn book, and this was passed around with much favourable comment. One observation that was made, for anyone that has only heard about it and not seen the book itself yet, is that it is much, much more than just a collection of the "Cornish Chronicles" articles that were previously in the News. Indeed, you would be hard-pressed to find any content that was copied over from one to the other. So it created a favourable impression all round, and may well lead to another three sales for Jeremy at the Stores.

We then moved on to discuss the various modelling projects that we had been working on. John is suffering by being between two home locations, with little opportunity for modelling in either of them. The consensus was that he should stop prevaricating and start on something that can be done out of a shoebox!

We also considered the design of the stock storage boxes that I had brought along to show, and how they were a quick and easy solution, and a damn sight cheaper than the similar ones that have appeared for sale with a couple of traders at exhibitions in recent years. There is a lot that can be done with a cut-up camping mat and a hot glue gun...

So after a very pleasant evening, we all headed back out to brave the cold on our way home. The Coach and Horses proved to be a very useful find, and we'll be gathering there again on the first Thursday of January. I hope to see many of you there again, and much less of that disruptive white stuff!

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