Fylde Area Group (Lockdown Update May 2020)

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Fylde Area Group (Lockdown Update May 2020)

Postby mike_t_norris » Tue May 26, 2020 10:29 am

As there has been little change to the state of things currently, I have started a new reply in lieu of our May meeting and under regular circumstances last week would have been our normal May meeting, and this year we had planned for three 'At homes' over the Summer period. Following discussion with the hosts involved, it has decided to cancel the following meetings:

18th June - Antony Miller
11th July - Peter Sutherland
20th August - Karl Crowther

Therefore our next planned meeting will be the 17th September - although Karl did state that if the situation improved dramatically we might re-assess his meeting, if this does change I will be advise.

We currently do not know if our Bowland, or Hotpot supper events will happen, this will depend on meeting numbers being eased and pubs re-opening both of which look some time away at the moment.

Anyway on the happier side of things the this forum is still active, with a number of posts, I have added a couple of picture of my latest project below (please feel free to add your latest project to the Fylde AG post) and also if you are wondering how Karl is doing on his layout please visit the following web-site and scroll down several pages, or look at the various other interesting items first!


Also Eileens Emporium is still working as I received several Fish vans last week, so whilst you are saving money by not going out you can buy some more 'Stuff' to carry on.

So - Stay Alert
and hide the new loco
cause the wife is coming!

The following are a Diagram 94 LYR non-corridor brake third, from a Chowbent kit suitably modified with electric lighting for the LMS 1938 period, and as mentioned I have been working a number Fish vans, including the following an LNWR (WCJS) 6 wheeler which was from a very early (1976) Mallard Models kit. It has been built as a tribute to the late Peter Gibb as it was originally one of his models. Getting 6 wheelers around my layout proved a bit of a challenge but I think I have cracked it now. Other Fish vans include some Jidenco ones – now there’s a challenge!





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Mark Tatlow
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Re: Fylde Area Group (Lockdown Update May 2020)

Postby Mark Tatlow » Wed May 27, 2020 6:21 pm

Hi Mike,

I like the fish van and the L&Y brake third. I have both in my stash!!

Mark Tatlow

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Re: Fylde Area Group (Lockdown Update May 2020)

Postby Rdunning » Sat May 30, 2020 11:39 am

Both looking good Mike, (as usual). I'm interested in how you overcame the running problems with the 6-wheeler. Perhaps you could post a photo of the underside with some words of explanation?
I said in an email reply to you that I would post something on here about what I've been doing during lockdown but I don't want to hijack this thread with lots of stuff that doesn't relate to Preston. I will just say that I've finally got round to painting my 3-car ex-LSWR set (in BR "faded crimson") and built a BR standard 5MT 4-6-0 which I'm rather pleased with. Looking forward to trying it out on Preston when we're able to get together again.


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Re: Fylde Area Group (Lockdown Update May 2020)

Postby mike_t_norris » Sat May 30, 2020 4:49 pm

Hello Mark,
Thanks for you update, unfortunately I too have a stash of too much stuff!
The LYR coach did take some building especially all the small bits of wire on the sides.

Hello Richard,
Good to hear from you, please feel free to post on this thread after all it is for the group and not just for me and Preston!

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Re: Fylde Area Group (Lockdown Update May 2020)

Postby Rdunning » Sun Jun 07, 2020 8:57 pm

5MT (1).jpg
The BR 5MT
3-car set.jpg
The complete 3-car set
Brake third.jpg
The tail end of the 3-car set
A couple of wagons finished off

Here are some photos of "what I've been doing" -

BR Standard 5MT, chassis awaiting painting, loco body to be toned down and weathered, some details to add e.g. crew, coal, lamps.
3-car ex-LSWR set only needing numbering/lettering then weathering
One of the brake thirds
A couple of wagons I finished building a few weeks ago, again needing to be lettered and weathered

Currently I have one of my SDJR 7F's on the bench for a chassis rebuild to cure some intermittent shorting problems and "lumpy" running.


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