NAG Meeting 18th October 2018

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NAG Meeting 18th October 2018

Postby RobM » Sun Oct 21, 2018 8:20 am

11 members attended this busy meeting, which amply demonstrated the mutual help between members in sharing their expertise.

John Slack was installing a sound chip into an American loco (B&O EM -1) for David Clarke (who sat on the sidelines mesmerised by the technology of modern sound chips and the miniaturisation of components) which was completed successfully as they both then annoyed the rest of the room when demonstrating the various soundsand set the dogs in the next hall barking!

Richard was making good progress on his crossover for the group layout after having had to remove all the stock rails when discovering they were steel.

Howard Bolton had succeeded in “persuading” Martin Nield and Ken Kirk to “volunteer” for Howard’s sweat shop in making levers for a large lever frame. This frame, the second one built by Howard is destined for another member’s layout.

New member Barry Lingham was practicing his soldering skills on a GNSR coach.

Nigel continued with the fine work on his station buildings, this time by applying the guttering.

Bob Dugdale brought along his Midland 4-4-0 in 7mm scale which is radio controlled and is battery powered.

Tony Wilkins was giving Simon advice on Templot as Simon had the track plan for his proposed layout on his lap top. The support and advice provided by Tony on prototype track work and modelling has been invaluable to the group.

NEXT WEEK: Progress Day number four. 1000 to 2230. Bring your lunch. Light refreshments provided. Fiver all day, three quid for half day or evening session. Bring your project and make some progress.

David Clarke
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