CRAG Meeting July 12 2018

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Ian Everett
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CRAG Meeting July 12 2018

Postby Ian Everett » Sat Jul 28, 2018 10:57 pm

The usual suspects (less Patsy who was, I believe, doing yoga) met at my house from 1230 onwards. It being a glorious day at 1300 we had lunch in the garden of the White Rose, after which we returned to do our usual things. David, Stu, Ron and I operated Clecklewyke and Bradford North Western, whilst Phil kindly replaced a faulty point motor. The others observed, sat and talked. We do a lot of talking!

A light afternoon tea was enjoyed in the garden, then we returned to the railway room for more talk and play until we dispersed from 1700 onwards.

Just these bare details don't sound much but we keep doing it every month. My description fails to express how much we simply enjoy each others' company. We have no grand collaborative ventures but we take pleasure in each others' modelling achievements, no matter how small (and even in a funny gauge). Long may it continue.

CRAG's next meeting will be on Thursday 9th August at Stephen Paulin's house in Kirkby Stephen. Any railway modeller in the Cumbrian area (which for our purposes extends to North Yorkshire, not to mention Leeds) will be very welcome. We model in all 4mm scale/gauge combinations.

Ian (who apologises for the lareness of this report - holidays intervened.)

Terry Bendall
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Re: CRAG Meeting July 12 2018

Postby Terry Bendall » Sun Jul 29, 2018 8:09 am

Ian Everett wrote:My description fails to express how much we simply enjoy each others' company.

A group of like minded people meeting together for a natter. What could be more relaxing? :)

Ian Everett wrote:Long may it continue.

Indeed, and the same for other groups who do the same. :D

Terry Bendall

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Re: CRAG Meeting July 12 2018

Postby SteamAle » Sun Aug 19, 2018 10:45 am

The official Cragies photographer has been somewhat preoccupied with other tasks but here are the ones that are suitable for public viewing!
Tea up.
One of the dogs gets in on the act as well. No food is safe when they are around!
Only one person not seen and he is behind the camera. Method in my madness.
Arrival at platform four, I think!
The progress on the station roof supports.

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