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Buck Jumping on Mass - Index

Postby Will L » Wed May 13, 2020 2:29 pm

My Buck Jumping on Mass thread is in essence a blow by blow account of the build of a couple of locos. One of the good thing about these threads is the interchange and discussions which they generate, but it does make finding the core "how and why I did it" posts difficult even for me. I am therefore establishing this thread as an Index so I, and anybody else who may be interested can find specific post. Just click on the link.

The Index

The thread begins with a bit of introspection about my modelling motives. in which I decide to build not one but two GER Buckjumpers.

As part of the plot was to use the Exactoscale wheels which were then newish, decidedly different and exactly right for these loco, it seemed a good idea to go into their use in detail.
The 1st post On Exactoscale wheels - Covers the basics of their use.
The 2nd post Exactoscale wheels – more experiences - Covers experience gained using them and problems that were, and were not, expected.
During the build extra things came up
A 3rd post Part 16 - The Chassis Cosmetic Details 3 - Covers issues with the axle ends trims
And a surprise 4th post Part 16a – Getting the chassis going again - Covers difficulties servicing a gear box resulting from the use of Exactoscale wheels.
Given that it’s not at all clear this type of wheel will ever be available again, this is now mostly of historical interest. The published instructions for these wheels, referred in the first of these three post, used to be downloadable from the internet, but is not currently available. However I still retain a copy so if anybody wants to see them, let me know.

The thread continued with a potted history of all GER classes referred to as Buckjumpers.

Finally, my construction blow by blow account has gone through more than 20 posts so far.
Part 1 – Let battle commence - In which the prototypes to be tackled are identified.
Part 2 - The Chassis Basics - Which covers chassis design basics, and ,being me, assumes the use of CSBs.
Part 3 – Chassis preparation for CSB - Which goes through the CSB calculations and how I plan to get power train in.
Part 4 – Preparing The Highlevel horn Blocks… - Useful for people who haven’t tried these excellent items yet.
Part 5 - Preparing the Frames for the Hornblocks - Which also covers preparation of the coupling rods and a small aside on fitting the underhung spring detail in a way that does not require an additional keeper plate.
Part 6 - Setting up the Chassis Pro Jig - As that is what I used, hopefully helpful stuff for anybody who wants to know how you use one of these handy, if not cheap, tools.
Part 6a - Removable Brake Gear. - A diversion into the whole topic of making loco brake gear removable.
Part 7 - At last assembly begins - In which I actually start to put the chassis together.
Part 8 - Two rolling chassis - At last.
Part 9 - The body is a foot... plate - The bodies start from the bottom up.
Part 10 - Toward the body beautiful - Preparing the cab, tank and bunker components.
Part 11 - A diversion around lamp irons. - An approach to modelling robust lamp irons.
Part 12 - Completing the basic body shell - Assembling the basic body shell so as to check the fit with chassis and the power train.
Part 13 - Back to the Chassis – Further Mechanics - Configuring the gearbox and the torque reaction link. Also the pickups.
Part 14 - The Chassis Cosmetic Details, Part 1 - The Westinghouse Brake.
Part 15 - The Chassis Cosmetic Details, Part 2 - Scratching together some rear sand boxes and a reprieve on removable brake gear.
Part 16 - The Chassis Cosmetic Details 3 - Fitting balance weights and axle ends trims.
Part 16a – Getting the chassis going again - Issues with the J69 motor power and gearbox teeth. Exactoscale wheels made replacing a gearwheel in the gearbox difficult.
Part 17 – Back to the Back of the body - Spectacle plates and bunkers.
Part 18 – Tanks for everything - Competing the structure of the tanks, and sorting out a kit issue with on the tank fronts.
Part 19– Boiler Basics - Starting work on the boiler and making it removable in theory.
Part 20 – Smokebox bending - Adding the smokebox to the basic boiler.
Part 21 – Fitting Boiler to Body - Making them removable, in practice.
Part 22 – Fitting Boiler Fittings, Making a Start - Preparing to add the boiler detail

Further parts will be added to this post as I go along (as an edit, not as new post).
You will notice I’m not given to short crisp postings so there is quite a lot to read, should you be tempted.

Here is also a Photo so we can see where we are going. This is the J65 as it currently is, functional and nearly finished but a some work still remains to do.
Buck j65 near finished. jpg.jpg
Buck j65 near finished. jpg.jpg (371.18 KiB) Viewed 1226 times

Edited 24/08/20 to bring the index up to date.

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Re: Buck Jumping on Mass - Index

Postby Will L » Mon Aug 24, 2020 12:18 pm

Index updated to bring it up to date. See first post in this thread if you wish to use the index.

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