Stour Valley Dream - progress on P4 layout

Tell us about your layout, where you put it, how you built it, how you operate it.
Alan Turner
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Re: Stour Valley Dream - progress on P4 layout

Postby Alan Turner » Mon Jun 01, 2020 9:12 am

ralphrobertson wrote:
I took a look at Lightburn but I don't think it supports the commercial machines like my HPC laser.

Hi Dave,

It is always worth dropping these guys a line as they are very helpful and obliging. In view of the number of HPC machines around they may well be interested in adding in a driver for it - I know nothing about that machine but it has to be worth an email enquiry?


There's a free download trial version specifically offered to people to try compatibility. ... re-you-buy


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Re: Stour Valley Dream - progress on P4 layout

Postby barhamd » Mon Dec 21, 2020 7:18 pm

It's been a few months since I posted an update on my model of Clare.


The bulk of the work has been in the area around the cattle dock and down towards the goods yard.

The castle mount got formed and I have made a start on the various bits of historic wall (interestingly there seems to be more present now than in my 1950's photographs). The goods shed now has windows and coping stones which makes a difference.


I'm not sure what the purpose of the whitewashed panel was, it doesn't seem to be to aid signal sighting, one suggestion I have been given is 'the black-out'.


The aerial photographs shows 11 wagons in the siding beyond the goods shed, I can get 10 in which doesn't seem like a bad compression to me.


I've started with the basic landform for the river bank, still lots to do. The bridge has to be curved and compressed to fit it in so it won't be an exact model of the original but in the same style. I was surprised just how slim the centre pier is, one of my pictures allows you to count the bricks across the top and it was only 5 stretchers wide, so about 4'.


Finally a Christmas quiz for you (and no, I don't know the answer..) What do you think this was? This was in the space just next to the cattle dock, seems to be a tank of some kind?

mysterious-thing.jpg (3.43 KiB) Viewed 626 times

Wishing every one a safe Christmas


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Re: Stour Valley Dream - progress on P4 layout

Postby barhamd » Fri Jan 08, 2021 5:14 pm

I finally managed to get my Crownline J20 kit built. I think it is fair to describe the kit as 'old school', lots of bits designed around OO tolerances. I'm very pleased with how well the paint has managed to hide a multitude of sins in terms of 'cut and shut' work on the footplate and where I gave up with some of the etched parts and reached for the 3D printer (particularly the sandboxes).


I still intend to add a bit more to the weathering, I want to give it a late 1950s' burned out smokebox door and leaky pipework paint job. Certainly in most of the pictures I've got from later years it is hard to even discern the British Railways insignia on the tender side.

In the absence of any etches I had a go at 3D printing a smokebox door number and shed plate. The number didn't come out too bad but the 30A plate is just too small to read.


Relevant to the recent thread on P4 curves I can say that the minimum radius on my model of Clare is down to 39.4" and the J20, with a coupled 18'10" wheelbase (just over 75mm in 4mm scale) gets round it ok. I allowed some extra sideplay on the centre axle but nothing too excessive.

Next up will be a J17.


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Re: Stour Valley Dream - progress on P4 layout

Postby DougN » Fri Jan 08, 2021 9:42 pm

David, I was most impressed with your running on YouTube. The layout is coming along very nicely the new j20 will be a nice addition. :thumb
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