NEEAG August Meeting

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NEEAG August Meeting

Postby mikeg » Tue Aug 04, 2015 6:50 pm

Bit short of folk at the July meet, holiday season accounts for a lot of it but plenty of healthy discussion and bits on the table including some good finds from E Bay.

Discussion for next years day event continues but the consensus is that the test track ex Derek Genzel should be priority to bring back into use. The track seems fine but the point levers and the interlocking system need some work. We could update but Derek went to a lot of effort to make it prototypical so we will restore to its original standard. We will however update the method of lining up adjoining boards for accuracy and repeatability. Electric control will be built in as a permanent unit so we only have to plug the master board in very time. Peter brought along more books for the library and negotiations are ongoing for a dedicated cupboard for our groups use instead of putting everything in the roof or taking it home.

Next meeting is Thursday 20th August- note this a week earlier than usual - see you all there.

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