EMAG Meeting 20th February 2020

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EMAG Meeting 20th February 2020

Postby RobM » Tue Feb 25, 2020 8:24 am

Six members attended the evening meeting, three others during the day, making eight in total.
Tony was working on Tortoise point motors and points on the layout;
Nigel was working on his Cupar Station;
John was looking at a Raspberry Pi 0 kit;
Ken was converting a Midland Class1 0-6-0T brake gear to use with the Brassmasters Easy Chas P4
conversion kit;
Brian was building a Model Wagon Co GC 3 plank wagon;
And Richard was assembling a HI Level gear box.
Brian Slater

NAG All Day Workshop Meeting 20 February 2020
During the day the following members were in attendance:
David cut out some sections of foam on the layout and relayed some short pieces of track and
investigated the stock of buffer stops supplied by Ken. Also did some work on his shed diorama and a
Masokits bogie for a B5
John assisted Tony in understanding the wiring of this inherited layout and fitted some wires to point
motors on board 2.
Ken numbered the layout baseboards to avoid confusion as to which is board one etc. Board one is
the fiddle yard board, board four is the terminal end.
Ken Carter, Society member and an EM modeller started a build on a D&S wagon. Ken is well known
as the Membership Secretary of the L&Y Society. Welcome to the gang Ken.
Richard. Assisted in work on the layout.
Tony. Somehow progress did not seem as good as at the previous workshop session. However, the
first turnout on board 4 where Tony tried to replace the broken tie bar with a new standard drive
proved somewhat tricky as there were existing holes through the baseboard, not quite where we
needed to make new ones, so the drill didn't want to go where wanted. Got there in the end but had
to leave things incomplete due to track gluing elsewhere on the board. Also drilled some preparatory
holes for the second turnout that requires a complete TOU to be installed. Tony turned his attention
to board 3 and the turnout in the Industrial siding with loose heel switch blades. This proved to be
every bit as challenging as expected. Existing wiring needed to be rerouted before a TOU could be ​
fitted. Several attempts and adjustments were required before obtaining an acceptable standard of
operational reliability. Thanks for the hard work Tony.
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