NAG Progress Day 21st November 2019

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NAG Progress Day 21st November 2019

Postby RobM » Tue Nov 26, 2019 8:48 am

5 members attended during the day:
Richard was making track for Tonys layout.
Brian was working on some D&S wagons.
Ken was making track work for his layout.
David was making a Masokits bogie for a B5 and fitted a tie bar to his layout under Tonys
Tony and John were working on the layout wiring and point operating mechanisms. Main progress
with the layout was fitting dropper wires to a couple of sections of the middle baseboard. Some were
required as a result of changes we have made to the track layout, but some were never fitted in the
first place. Meter testing then proved continuity. John Slack made further progress with the wiring of
the third baseboard after some discussion about where Tony intends to fit the missing point motors.
Richard Marshall and I had a look at one of the turnouts in the yard, the one that derailed a tender at
the last session. We concluded that the Check rails were too close to the Stock rails giving an over
gauge dimension. These have been removed and will be re-gauged to P4 clearances.
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Nine members were present in the evening and had a lively modelling session. Bevis was making
housings for DCC power district circuit breakers for use on his layout; Ken was making a curved
crossover for his layout; Bob was researching L&YR coal stages and also working on a High Level
Models kit for a Fowler 70hp diesel-electric 0-4-0; Nigel was making the platforms for Cupar; Richard
was making track for the group layout; John and Tony were working on the layout’s electrics; Howard
was working on electric locks for Leeds City Wellington; and Martin was working on his L&YR bogie
full third.

Next week (Thursday 28 November) will be the last meeting of the current term. There will be an
Extraordinary General Meeting to consider changing our name to The East Midlands Area Group
followed by a fuddle and a film show.
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Tony Wilkins
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Re: NAG Progress Day 21st November 2019

Postby Tony Wilkins » Tue Nov 26, 2019 11:04 am

For those of you who may be wondering, the meeting of the 14th was rained off.
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