NAG Progress Day 24th October 2019

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NAG Progress Day 24th October 2019

Postby RobM » Mon Nov 04, 2019 8:35 am

Day time.
David Clark, Tony Wilkins, John Slack, Richard Marshall, Nigel Fawcett, Bob
Dugdale, Peter Mcfarlane & Barry Lingham
A group discussion took place on the suggested track circuit section breaks,
buildings and operation. It was proposed that the layout should have 2 section
breaks: one in the line leading to the “fulls and empties” sidings and the other in
the industrial engine shed. Track wiring will permit DC or DCC operation.
It was proposed that the off-scene industry should be a colliery, although no firm
decision was made. The availability of appropriate wagons from members may
well dictate the type of goods traffic and hence the off-scene industry.
Tony and John spent the day testing and rectifying defects with track power
supply and point operation. Some of the points are reasonably reliable but some
have the blades to high which will require gentle filling. Tony repaired one switch
blade that had become detached from the tie bar, but the fit against the stock
rail is not good and he has taken one of the new Tortoise motors / bases home to
assemble ready for installment next time.
This will be ongoing at the next workshop session.
A discussion took place regarding buildings particularly the goods shed. Bob
went home and returned with a part built stone goods shed based on one on the
Settle and Carlisle line. Joel volunteered to complete the model under the
watchful eye of Bob. This satisfies one of the criteria for the layout which is to
allow members to acquire new skills.
John ran one of his Class 24 Diesels on the track as a test of the electrics.
In addition, the following members were working on their own projects:
David – Making 3-link screw couplings
Barry – Converting live frog Peco points to switchable.
Bob – Producing Dingham couplings.
Peter – Building a SECR wagon from a Prickley Pear kit.
Richard – Making ply and rivet track for sidings on Brimsdown.​
Notes taken by Richard & David


Six members were present in the evening.
Richard was working on track for Tony’s layout ‘Brimsdown’;
Howard was working on electric locks for ‘Leeds City Junction’;
Ken was working on signal wire posts;
Tony was working on the group layout and, in particular, trying to get the point motors to work;
Bob was making Dingham couplings and
I was working on my latest L&YR carriage kit.
The next meeting, on Thursday 31 October, will be a modelling night and there will also be a meeting
of the ‘Kitchen Cabinet’.
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