NAG 8th AGM 3rd October 2019

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NAG 8th AGM 3rd October 2019

Postby RobM » Sun Oct 06, 2019 7:54 am

The meeting started at 8.05pm chaired by Ken Kirk, Co-ordinator of the Group. Fourteen members
were in attendance.
Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Howard Bolton, Michael Prince and Ken Carter.
Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting
The minutes had been circulated to all members. It was proposed by Brian Slater and seconded by
Bob Dugdale that they should be approved. This was agreed.
Matters arising from the minutes
There were no matters arising.
Co-ordinator’s Report
Ken Kirk presented his report, a copy of which is on file. He thanked members who had given talks or
demonstrations during the year; John Slack for his valuable work as Treasurer; Richard Marshall for
his continuing work on booking the hall and looking after the catering; Bevis Heap for his work as
Shows Co-ordinator; and David Clarke and Tony Wilkins for their work on the group layout; and
Martin for doing the minutes. He also thanked everyone who also helps set the room up and
dismantle it after meetings.
There had been 44 meetings since the last AGM which is more than many area groups. We currently
have 30 members but of those 10 cannot attend regularly for various reasons, leaving only 20 from
which to find officers to run the group. We therefore need to make every effort to recruit new
members. Ken had asked Steve Carter, the Membership Secretary of the Society, to send him a list of
members in the area and he would be contacting them and inviting them to an open day.
The average attendance at meetings had been 10 which is a good achievement. One new member
(Joel Middleton) had joined the group during the year.
There had been visits to ‘Slattocks Junction’ in Manchester and ‘Millhouses’ in Sheffield which had
both been very enjoyable.
Social events had included our annual Birthday Bash in March and our end of term fuddles, plus the
Christmas dinner which had been very well attended. However film nights had been reduced by
popular demand as people prefer modelling evenings.
A number of visits to layouts and talks at NAG which had been suggested at last year’s AGM were still
Minutes Secretary
Martin thanked Brian for being his deputy throughout the year and also David and Ken for taking the
minutes on occasions.
Treasurer’s Report
John presented his report, a copy of which is on file. He said funds had grown through the year but
expenditure had also increased thanks to more modelling days and equipment purchases. Room hire
at £15 per night was very good value but he did worry that it might be increased.
Our assets now stand at £6,900 (replacement value) or £5,300 at current value. There was therefore
a need to take out an insurance policy for these assets as soon as possible. This could be expensive.
John suggested raising the budget for the group layout to £500 and for tea/coffee, etc. to £60. This
was agreed.
His overall conclusion was that subs are struggling to keep pace with rising costs and he
recommended increasing them from £3 to £4 for and evening and from £5 to £6 for a full day. This
would be the first increase in subs since NAG was founded eight years ago. It was proposed by David
and seconded by Bevis that these new rates should be accepted and this was agreed.
It was proposed by Tony and seconded by Nigel that the Treasurer’s report be approved. This was
Project Co-ordinator
David presented his report, a copy of which is on file. He said good progress had been made on the
group layout during the year including revising the track layout and tackling the point motors. A loco
shed had been built by Bob and electrical work on the layout was continuing.
The next phase would be buildings and David suggested a workshop should be held to show people
how to make them. Bob and Martin both volunteered to help.
David also said that, despite the increased cost, he would like to have one or two modelling days on
Saturdays to attract members who could not attend during the week. This was agreed.
Shows Co-ordinator
Bevis presented his report, a copy of which is on file. We had attended both the new, much smaller
Nottingham show and the Derby show. No new members had been recruited but we had made
several people aware of their area group.
For 2020 we have been invited to take a small stand and ‘Mount Woodville Works’ to the South Notts
Show at Cotgrave in April and the full stand (and possibly ‘Mount Woodville Works’) to the Derby
show in May.
Bevis thanked those members who had helped man the stands at shows over the past year and
appealed for help at the above shows. ​
Election of officers for 2019-20
Martin said all the existing officers were standing for re-election. It was proposed by Bob and
seconded by Richard that they all be re-elected. This was agreed.
Brian Slater was re-appointed as Deputy Minutes Secretary and Auditor.
Therefore the officers for 2019/20 will be:
Group Co-ordinator Ken Kirk
Treasurer John Slack
Minutes Secretary Martin Nield
Project Co-ordinator David Clarke
Shows Co-ordinator Bevis Heap
Depminsec. Brian Slater
Forthcoming meetings and visits
Ken said the annual Christmas Dinner would be on Thursday 5 December at The Victoria Inn in
Beeston as usual.
Any other business
John suggested that in order to help with recruitment we should change the name of the group to
the East Midlands Area Group. He felt this would encourage members from the Derby and Leicester
areas to join. A discussion took place about the implications of this, cost, etc. and it was proposed by
Richard and seconded by Brian that the officers should consider the implications and report back to
the members. This was agreed.
Tony said he had had fewer people attend his workshops at Scaleforum than he had planned for and
therefore had a number of partially-built B7 crossovers which he could use for a track building
workshop if there was sufficient interest.
The meeting closed at 9.15pm and was followed by a fuddle.
Martin Nield, Minutes Secretary
4 October 2019
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