NAG Meeting 16th May 2019

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NAG Meeting 16th May 2019

Postby RobM » Sat May 18, 2019 8:22 am

8 members attended this meeting.
We have a film evening approximately once per month and enjoyed 2 films this night.
The first was taken at Stratford in the 1950s. Re-railing a coach, a wagon and a loco which
was on its side. Numerous jacks of varying capacity were used and sliders made from old rail
were used to re-rail the coach and wagon. The loco was on its side and first had to be
righted. This was achieved with the use of jacks and finally a winch, which was powered by
another loco. It was heavy work and all the men appeared to be in the later period of their
railway service. The diesel pump used to power the hydraulic jacks was controlled by the
same man, who had to check the equipment before use. Owing to the noise of the pump,
he was instructed by a supervisor, using his finger as a visual guide. Most of the men were in
overalls and wore a flat cap. The supervisor was in a suit with a trilby hat!
The next section was devoted to righting a V2, which had derailed near to Barby, south of
Rugby on the GC line. It came to rest on its side down a low embankment. Much use was
made of timber packing and old sleepers as well as the jacks. The loco was not re-railed in
the film.
The second film was demonstrating the construction of model chassis, pick-ups and coupling
rods. Special attention was made to ensuring the chassis was square using mirror glass and
alignment jigs.
John bought in a device that he made to connect our new DCC controller to a power source.
Also, we decided to sell our Roco DCC controller on line.
A reminder that there is no meeting 23rd May.
Brian Slater
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16th May 2019
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